Here are just a few things that people are saying about their time at Burlingame Fitness.

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“Ive been working with the folks at B-fit for over 3 years and think of it as the foundation for keeping my fitness on track.  The outdoor space and rig combines the best elements of strength, endurance, & HIIT training techniques, which makes every workout both challenging and unexpected.  The team is friendly, fit, and consultative and my workouts are programmed to complement my weekly routines by bearing down on my weak spots and making me a stronger athlete. Think young energy and quiet discipline. Think grit meets finesse on the monkey bars.  If you like to workout outside, learn something new each workout, and push for your personal best. B-fit is the training experience you’ve been secretly looking for.”

-Rod S.

“I just spent two days at B-fit doing a workshop and being certified as a MovNat instructor. I’ve been a personal trainer for years and I take my hat off to the trainers I seen here. They were humble, genuinely motivated when I witnessed them training their clients and the facility is amazing. Makes you feel so comfortable as though you were working out at your best friend’s house. If I wasn’t living out in Los Angeles I would immediately take all my clients over to B-fit. Thank you so much for providing the space and the amazing hospitality to us as we trained in your facility.”

-Brian M.


“This place is awesome. They have an indoor studio and outdoor space. Sometimes I do my entire workout outside. I am training with Christopher a/k/a ‘Topher’. I can’t say enough about him or this place. The trainers are smart and dedicated. There’s a wonderful spirit. There’s a sense of camaraderie. And I’m getting stronger by doing the most interesting movements. Pushing metal ‘sleds’ across the astroturf. Pulling sleds with long straps. Squats of course. It’s different every time and he’s not trying to kill me.
This place is the best!”

-Jody G.


“You can feel good about being a part of a clean, organized, and focused gym family. Training with Phil is the best thing I can do for myself. His workouts are expertly crafted, varied, and always appropriately challenging. Phil’s programs bring you to a place of executing moves you never thought you could do. Get your money’s worth here and share in the B-fit love.”

– Sara B.


“Want a workout that challenges you? Gradually pushes you to your limits while building your confidence and level of fitness along the way? — check out Burlingame Fitness. I’ve been working with personal trainers most of my adult life and have trained at some of the most “elite” gyms in the Bay Area. None have so consistently challenged me, helped me achieve better results and kept me motivated and engaged as Burlingame Fitness. The trainers here really create a culture of fitness. Regardless of your age or level of fitness, they have the expertise to design and deliver a program that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The facility has lots of options for mixing it up and varying your routine. This is a GREAT training studio with GREAT trainers.”

– Mark S.


“The staff are not only very professional, but they are knowledgable, well put together, friendly, and a perfect mix between down-to-earth AND get-the-job-done.
During my work-outs, I am not only laughing with Joe P. but I am sweating the entire time. My goals are being met and I am being challenged, big time. I LOVE IT.”

– Melissa B.

“The B-fit team is highly committed to always furthering their own education and to safety ,when it comes to training people to feel strong ,healthy and vibrant. They are a living example of positive training philosophy. Their manner is kind ,warm and generous and sincerely dedicated to give their best. I feel confident that anyone can grow with their fitness goals under their guidance. Additionally the center is very well equipped ,centrally located,the staff is knowledgable and courteous. As a teacher myself ,i would highly recommend them for anyone wanting utmost results for physical well being and vitality.”

-Betty Roi